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Highlight Moments of Dragoncon

  • Giant line of Deadpools marching through the skybridge from the Hyatt to the Marriot was hilarious
  • 101 Fascinating Ways to Kill Off A Character was by far my favorite panel, there was a lot of great information and banter between the authors
  • Got to talk to one of the writers for White Wolf after the Mature Topics in Gaming panel!
  • Got myself a cute new wig and we bought Red Dragon Inn 2 and RDI 4, the newest pirate edition!
  • Hentai Dubbing was the absolute best way to end the convention, with the best line happening right at the end during a blowjob scene where the woman doing the dubbing said “Two more years of this and I can pay off my student loans!” Causing everyone else to lose their shit for a good 5 minutes.

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Unexpected Event!

On Friday, I met a lovely woman at the writing panel I was at. We continued to chat, and since I had nothing major to do in a few hours, I walked with her to meet up with her group. They were heading to a large event, and again I decided on a whim to stand in line with them even if I wasn’t going to make it in.

And what was it, you ask?

Why it was the Q&A with Sir Patrick Stewart!

We actually managed to get in, and while no where near the front row, still managed to get a good view. It was a wonderful time to hear him speak, and it wouldn’t have happened had I not took a chance to go with these people I had just me.

It’s the little things like that which make Dragoncon such an amazing time for me.

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The Wake Up Call

When I feel isolated from people, it’s easy to get lost, overwhelmed in my own thoughts. For a long time now, whenever I tried to do something to improve my standing in life, a lot of the time it ended up with me feeling completely helpless. And after a while of this, I began to give up on changing at all.

Perhaps the most important part about Dragoncon for me was the way I took control and gave myself the tools to change. On Thursday I decided to leave my electronics behind, bringing with me only a bunch of notebooks and sketchbooks. I decided right off the bat that I was going to writing panels, and taking as many notes as possible. And when the time came I asked questions, I paid attention, I got the cards and the website recommendations. Not every panel was useful, as they all circled around to more generic writing advice somewhere along the way, but I kept my eye out for nuggets of wisdom to hoard for my notebooks.

The change of setting was the catalyst for changing my attitude. Suddenly what felt impossible now seems much closer to possible than I ever dreamed. In the next few weeks I plan to keep up the momentum and use what I’ve learned, push myself as far as I can go to turn things around. So that next time I go to Dragoncon, I can have an even fuller experience.

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Hello again everyone! Sorry for the late notice, but I was away at Dragoncon since Thursday. How was it, you ask?


I’ve been going to Dragoncon for about nine years now, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world to be surrounded by all this energy and passion. Just being there made me feel revitalized when recently I’ve been in this emotional rollercoaster. My plan was to hit up as many writing panels as possible, and in that I succeeded, coming back with many pages worth of notes.

In the coming days I’ll be uploading and posting all of the pictures my boyfriend and I took of the cosplayers. There were a bunch I wanted to take but couldn’t, and it is always AMAZING to see the creativity of people.

In addition, my boyfriend’s best friend Shaun came down from western Canada to experience the con with us. We had a hotel that was about a mile from the main hotels, which was probably the worst part at 3 in the morning when the MARTA closed down.

To keep this from getting too long I’m going to break it up into several posts with my thoughts on various topics, so stay tuned!

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